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October 30, 2019
October 30, 2019 Victor Henry

SEO Checklist

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Written by: Joydeep Bhattacharya August 23, 2019

The worst nightmare for a webmaster happens when they find a sudden drop in their site rankings and all their hard work is gone! Are you one of those? Well, take a deep breath! You are not the only one. 

Every website has faced or will face a drop in rankings in the future. You can’t avoid it, but you can certainly minimize the impacts of it. 

A drop in rankings can happen for a variety of reasons. Both the obvious ones and not so obvious ones are explained in this article. Here are 16 things that can hurt your site rankings:

1. You Are Busy Creating Lots of Low Quality Links to Your Site

Any link that is created or purchased with the intention of manipulating the PageRank that directly impacts a site’s ranking in the search results is referred to as a low-quality link. 

Examples of low-quality links are links from low-quality web directories, low-quality article directories, low-quality guest posts, or spam comments. A complete list of link schemes that are counted as unnatural by Google can be found here

3. Your Site Has Duplicate Content

In the words of Google, “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar.

If you have recently updated content on your site and a substantial amount of content is found to be duplicate, then it can negatively affect your site rankings. 

If you have created new pages on your site and the newly created pages have blocks of content that are largely similar to other pages on your site (including the title or H1 tags), then that might also be considered duplicate content.


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