Working on creating desktop, tablet and mobile products, from user flow stories to wireframes to High Fidelity Designs. Working on Brand Design Systems with the UPTAKE CHICAGO team.  Other skills on the job are writing full bootstrap CSS 3 and CSS4 to SASS implantation into Angularjs framework and uploading from Git. Help connect UX UI team to Developers to move and create the process for the future change.

I worked on as a full-time UX Design UX Engineer, some projects have been completed, new projects have not been released. Feel free to take a look on line at . UPTAKE

Applications I worked on : IQUOTE, COTI, COMMISSION, PSQ, IMACS, SERVICE LINK, SERVICE SCHEDULER, Equipment Monitoring Toolkit, Product Problem Management, Equipment Link, Condition Monitoring Portal, Sales Link CRM, CustomerHierarchy, Sales Link TOUCH, UCC Integration, Customer Survey Management

UPTAKE CHICAGO – Hackathon 2017 held in Chicago illino
Won one of the Hackathon awards in 2017 with a small team of my peers.

Industrial CRM

Victor is the type of guy every company dreams of having on board. I was astonished by his ability to understand the most complicated of user interfaces, and equally as thankful for his patience and willingness to help others understand them as well. Victor is very driven and has an aptitude for learning new skill sets; a trait which made him invaluable to the UX team. Victor delivered great work consistently and without fail. His dedication is undeniable and I feel he would be an excellent addition to any UX or Dev team looking for a multidisciplinary designer and creative problem solver.

Beth (Aita) Raduenzel Interaction Designer and Accessibility Specialist at Uptake