The Challenge

Digital Howard has created a great cutting edge augmented reality application to aid children ages 7 to 12. They needed to clean up an already great augmented reality game. They also needed to update the way the UX and UI worked and an easier way to explain the mission of the application. The game UI and UX needed to be more cohesive, there was a tight deadline.

The Solution

We started off with many meetings to determine what choices we had to make this application better. I created a power point presentation to show them my thoughts and what we could accomplish based on time line and budget. They liked what they saw and the project took off.

Again, we had many meetings about the UX and UI to solve the flow of the application. We ended up with these solutions; we decided to create a video so children could see what their mission was and that it would be easier to follow rather than tonnes of reading.  We cleaned up the interface by adding in a map feature so the application user could see roughly where their next mission portal would be. We animated the interface colour coded section, then finished off the video and interface including map feature. We also came up with a random event feature to add more excitement to game play.  Great project!  Below you will see the work I did with the team at Digital Howard. Please take a  look.


Terracosm was conceived to foster a love and fascination in STEM-themed subject matter in kids aged 6-11. Our mission is to inspire this generation of kids in an immersive narrative driven game world, much like Star Trek in the 60’s inspired a generation to take a life-long interest in science-themed subjects.


We worked as a team going over all aspects of the game from UI and UX to ever word. Through brainstorm meeting, quick sketch and proto types. UI UI sketch.    We came up with several solutions. Digtial Howard through out some inital work even when there was time vested to come up with a better solution this was refreshing. We ended up with a solid product.


  1. Adding Intro Video
  2. Updating of UX and UI
  3. Adding in Map feature
  4. Adding new feature (Random event)
  5. Followed up with Responsive sign up website

About The Project

Terracosm is a mobile adventure game, blending the physical and digital worlds through Augmented and Virtual Reality. With an exciting STEM-themed story world, Terracosm enhances the Science Center experience for kids of all ages.

Terracosm propels players though the various areas of each Science Center in search of Augmented and Virtual reality triggers called TerraPorts. Scanning these with the App on their smartphone or tablet, Players are launched into one of four game-based missions designed to introduce fundamental STEM concepts through gameplay and story.