The Challenge

The challenge was how do we throw a party for the 110 birthday of Harley Davidson and invite all the people that make Harley Davidson.

The Solution

By creating a way to intake sign up clients that would like to attend the parties; through sign up forms, payment system and email campaigns. We top it off with an app so all rides going to the 110th Harley Davidson party could meet up and ride in together as a pack. We also allowed users of the app and web to upload their very own 110th Harley Davidson image. It was a great team effort and many lesson were learned.


The Anniversary Celebration – The Harley-Davidson®







About The Project

The Harley-Davidson® 110th Anniversary is over but it lives on in the memories of the millions of Harley-Davidson® fans who were brought together by their shared passion for freedom, self-expression and adventure. This epic celebration’s events spanned 11 countries on six continents. Check out some of the highlights below.