How UX Is Transforming Business

March 7, 2018
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March 7, 2018 Victor Henry

I thought I would share this article it’s a must read.

User experience (UX) has finally come into its own as a key factor shaping how companies do business. Not to say that UX hasn’t been a factor before, but only recently have businesses come to realize that UX is happening, with or without their input. There’s a shift going on: A departure from organization-centric UX to a customer-centric approach. It’s the acknowledgment that business success is not just the ability to meet customer needs but to meet those needs impeccably. (And good UX is what helps you do that.)

As the owner of a web design agency, it took years of training and experience to earn a Masters Certification in UX. With that came a realization: You must manage UX by numbers and make decisions based on research, data and facts. It’s never just opinions.

The recent Digital Customer Experience Strategy Summit (DCX) further supported this idea, as I met with industry leaders to discuss their digital customer experiences. Their position, put simply, is that good UX is good business.

Written by: Founder and CEO of Intechnic, 9th in the world to be awarded Master UX Certification while


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