Victor Henry

“Hola, yo soy Victor Henry, I’m a User Experience and Product designer. In search of positive and inspirational projects. I’m CURRENTLY LOOKING TO Work a long side creative humans leaving an impactful message to humanity.”

While many companies struggle to find budget for designers they will not entertain the notion that a user experience designer could help their company.

They may find it intimidating and even insulting that one person can change their company’s culture so much.  How I explain the User experience process is what changes the company’s culture and the UX designer is the person who helps bring creativity to all verticals of the business. They include data analytics, project lead, data developers, UI designers and front-end developers. Let’s not forget the client that hires us to do the work so the end user no one should be ignored.

User Experience process is a company’s responsibility and it needs to be taken seriously by all verticals of business or else it will not work.

Victor Henry Ramirez

Clients I have worked with.

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sharing knowledge & design ethics.

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